Practice Policies


This Practice is registered under the Data Protection Act and all staff are bound by strict rules of confidentiality. Clinical information will only be divulged to other healthcare professionals to allow for your continuing treatment and care. Information to other third parties will only be released with your written consent.

Patient’s Right of Preference

As part of our commitment to providing high quality healthcare, patients will be offered a consultation with a clinician within 24 hours or a GP within 2 working days. However, patients have the right to specify their preference to receive healthcare services from a particular practitioner although in doing so, patients should be aware that this may result in some delay.

Your Responsibilities to Us

  • To co-operate fully with the surgery if you are contacted to attend a clinic to monitor your health
  • To cancel your appointment in good time if you are unable to attend
  • To remain patient if the doctors or nurses are running late with your appointed time. It normally means that something urgent has arisen or that a previous consultation needed to be longer than was originally anticipated and is therefore beyond the control of the Practice
  • To observe the ‘one appointment– one patient’’ rule and not ask the doctors to treat other family members at the same time
  • If you have more than one condition to discuss with the Doctor, please note that more than one appointment will normally be necessary
  • Treat your doctors and their staff as you would expect to be treated by them – with courtesy and respect

Violent, Threatening or Abusive Behaviour

In keeping with other Practices in the Hull Teaching Primary Care Trust, this Practice operates a Zero Tolerance Policy and would wish to advise all patients and visitors that such behaviour will result in the individuals concerned being removed from the patient list immediately and may be reported to the Police.

Access to Health Records

You are currently entitled to have access to your medical records as set out in the Data Protection Act but please note that the doctor may withhold any information which she/he considers could be detrimental to you. Access is strictly by appointment and a fee as specified by the Data Protection Act will be charged. Any application must be made in writing initially and you will be asked to provide some identification when you attend.