Clinics & Services

Contraceptive advice and Family Planning

This includes all aspects including, pregnancy testing, the Pill, provision of the ‘morning after pill’, advice on male barrier methods, sterilisation and in addition, advice and instructions on the use of the cap, diaphragm, intra-uterine devices and contraceptive implants. Doctors and nursing staff are happy to discuss the ‘morning after pill’. Advice on contraception and family planning is given every day of the week. (NB The morning after pill if used should be commenced within 72 hours of intercourse. Please consult with the Doctors/Nurses for further information)

The family planning & sexual health clinics are run at varying times during the week by fully trained Family Planning nurses who are available for consultation. Ask at reception for times; although an appointment system is used these may be available on the day.

Antenatal/Postnatal Care

All Doctors carry out obstetric care. Please let the Receptionist know your appointment is for Antenatal/Postnatal care in order that you are given a slightly longer appointment time.

Chronic Disease Management Clinics

(Asthma, Diabetes, Epilepsy, Thyroid problems, Hypertension)

Details of times available from Reception

Child Health Surveillance Clinic

(Including childhood vaccination/immunisation) You can see our Senior Nurse regarding vaccinations/immunisations for your children as they become due.

It is essential that all children complete their vaccination/immunisation programme and the doctors will be pleased to give advice as appropriate to all newly registered patients.

Details available from Reception

Adult Immunisations

We recommend that all adults receive a tetanus vaccination once every 10 years. We also provide travel immunisations as required and a fee may be charged. Please discuss your travel plans with a Nurse well in advance as you may need a course of vaccinations over a period of six weeks or more. Confirm availability with reception.

Mumps Immunisation

If you are aged between 16 and 24, there is a good chance that you have only had one dose of the MMR (measles, mumps and rubella) vaccine. You need two doses to be fully immunised. A nurse can give you this vaccine but please confirm availability with reception before making an appointment.

Flu Injections

Before the winter sets in and throughout the main winter months we offer flu injections each year to particular patients at risk. This includes the frail, the elderly and those with long standing chest complaints (e.g. asthma) and cardiac conditions. Please contact the receptionist to arrange your injection.

Health Checks

We encourage our patients to undergo a simple three-yearly health check in order that we can help prevent medical problems from developing. This usually includes height, weight, blood pressure check, urine analysis and assessment of immunisation status. (For women we also recommend a smear test). You can telephone the surgery to arrange an appointment.

Smear Tests

These are usually performed by the nurse, although patients can see the doctor if preferred. We recommend a cervical smear every three years for women between the ages of 25 and 65 years (there are some exceptions to this rule). Ask reception for appointment details.

Elderly Checks

We offer annual health checks to all our patients over the age of 75 years. These are arranged by the surgery. If you are unable to attend the surgery, a home visit can be arranged.

Non-NHS Examinations

Sickness certificates for six days or less are not provided by the doctor. If you need a special examination e.g. for fitness to undertake sports, pre-employment, HGV, PSV or elderly drivers, this will be carried out by appointment, usually outside normal surgery times and a fee will be charged. Completion of BUPA or similar forms will be available for collection from reception usually after 3-5 days. A Fee will be charged.